Long before it became a hot topic, the Forum advocated for Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other multicultural consumers.

The Multicultural Media Forum is a unique, research and strategy-driven event attended by roughly 400 executives and decision-makers from the media, advertising, technology, and financial industries. We first launched the Forum in 2000 as a venue to call the industry’s attention to the then-untapped value of multicultural consumers to the television, multichannel, and technology business.

The theme of our Forum this year is “Transcending Multiculturalism.” Though great strides have been made in asserting the importance and value of America’s Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other non-white audiences, these groups are often still conceptualized in silos rather than an inherent part of the general market, especially in mainstream media, where they are often underrepresented, stereotyped, and typecast. And as more and more networks focus on Millennials—almost half of whom are multicultural—the conversation must naturally shift towards a new paradigm of “transculturalism” that encompasses and weaves together America’s myriad cultures into a new vision of the mainstream that truly reflects our country’s vibrant diversity. Our agenda for this year’s Forum will include forward-thinking innovators from every corner of the media industry who will not only frame the day’s conversation, but will also set the tone for the future direction of our industry.

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