At this year’s Multicultural Media for Multicultural America Forum, we will be presenting data from two Horowitz studies, giving attendees a 360° view of today’s multicultural consumer.

We will be presenting data from:

State of Cable and Digital Media: Multicultural

State of Cable & Digital Media: Multicultural is the multicultural edition of our well-known study, State of Cable & Digital Media, first fielded in 1993. We first began publishing this multicultural edition in 1999, giving us 14 years of tracking data. Focused on telecommunication services, programming (general, in-language, and culturally relevant content), and now digital features, alternative platforms, and new technology, State of Cable & Digital Media: Multicultural is the must-have report for understanding how multicultural consumers think, feel, and act regarding media consumption.

Viewing the Viewer: A Videography of TV Households

Viewing the Viewer: A Videography of TV Households

Few research methodologies offer as compelling a look into the consumer psyche as ethnographic research, and few research companies have as much experience conducting in-home ethnographic research as the team at Horowitz Associates.Virtually get inside real consumers’ homes to see and understand how today’s most pressing industry topics—ranging from alternative platform use to multicultural programming to cord-cutting—actually play out in real consumers’ lives.